It is our endeavour to improve the level of performance in sports in India as well as to provide budding talent in rural areas with international standard playing facilities. This is achievable through certain CSR activities in sports.

Squash & Cricket

We have co-sponsored several tournaments over the years.

  • North India Open Squash Championship
  • Delhi Open Squash Championship
  • Northern India Squash Championship
  • Hamdard-Delton Delhi Open Squash Championships
  • Khelshala Championship in Chandigarh
  • Badminton championship in Bareilly.

    Apart from sponsoring some top national rank holders, we have also been nurturing local sporting talent through promoting sports in rural areas in and around its manufacturing facilities. This young brigade from very humble backgrounds has invaded the squash circuits in India and abroad and is a force to reckon with. Additionally, we have sponsored the Ajay Goel Memorial cricket championship for regional teams at Bareilly.