Legacy & Milestones

We have evolved over the years, from starting with a strong reliance on sugar, to a dispersed ethanol production and cogeneration utility. Every day, we build on our reputation as one of India's most dependable organisations.

From Sugar to Renewable Power - We’re Constantly Evolving!

  1. Since 1933, we have established ourselves as a key player in India’s organised sugar business with a crushing capacity of 23,500 tonnes per day.
  2. We have expanded our portfolio into segments like green power, ethanol, alcohol and industrial chemicals.
  3. Extensive and constant R&D efforts have helped us make our commodities affordable and accessible for the community.
  4. We are one of the oldest integrated sugar companies in India. Currently, we have two production facilities in Uttar Pradesh - Dhampur and Rajpura - with an aggregate manufacturing capacity of 23,500 TCD.
  5. Our distillery has a capacity of 3,50,000 litres a day and our power segment generates 121 megawatts.

The Leadership that began with a Vision

  • Lala Ram Narain ji

    [1880 – 1943]

    Founder of the Dhampur Sugar Group, took on the task of supporting his entire family at a very young age and shouldered his responsibilities with fortitude and confidence. During this period he worked with a forest contractor but the craving to press forward and accomplish, burnt deep within his heart. He soon spotted an opportunity in supply of wooden sleepers, for laying new railway tracks and boldly struck out on his own. His determination defied logistics and laid the foundations of the Dhampur Group. From such modest beginnings, he hand-crafted the destiny of the corporate house that today, directly and indirectly, provides employment and livelihood to a large number of individuals and families of rural India. In the early 1930’s, while the strategists debated over the choice of role models on which to shape the Indian economy, Lala Ram Narain ji anticipated the need for industrialization. The outcome of his foresight was investment in two sugar mills – one at Dhampur and the other as a 50% partner, at Bareilly, in Uttar Pradesh. Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd was commissioned in 1933.

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  • Shri Murli Manohar ji

    [1916 – 1964]

    Eldest son of Lala Ram Narain ji took up the baton at an early age to carry forward the vision and legacy of his father. Even in face of a youth spent in comparatively difficult circumstances, the indomitable will he inherited from his father manifested itself in 1947 when the Indian Sugar Industry was passing through a challenging phase. He resisted efforts to divest the Dhampur unit and took over the Managing Agency of the factory agreeing to pay a fixed dividend to his partners. He accomplished this task with great élan and successfully turned around the fortunes of the Dhampur factory. He passed away at the young age of 48 but the path for the future generations had already been etched.


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The Evolution of our Business Model

  • We established our business in 1933 when we had a high-dependency on sugar as a commodity.
  • Our learnings from our experience and knowledge helped us build a profitable tomorrow. Today, we have a liability-light investment in sugar operations.
  • Our integrated energy conglomerate offers an ideal business combination in several segments, including sugar, chemicals, ethanol, and green power.
  • We gradually expanded our focus on distillery and cogeneration that were earlier treated as by-products.
  • We have also transitioned from sugar to produce ethanol, industrial chemicals, and green power.
  • Our journey is made easier by upholding core values including constant innovation, humanity for all members and trust in every process.

Reaching Milestones


Sugar mill established at Dhampur


Distillery in Dhampur with 100 KLPD


Increased Dhampur distillery capacity to 140 KLPD


Raised USD53.7 Million through GDR


Installed multi-fuel high pressure boilers (105 kg/cm2) at Dhampur and the Greenfield sugar unit at Rajpura (7500TCD). Installed co-generation plants - Dhampur (65 MW) and Rajpura (12 MW)


Expanded sugar crushing capacities - Dhampur to 15,000 TCD. Increased Dhampur distillery capacity to 170 KLPD


Installed bagasse dryers at Dhampur


Increased Dhampur distillery capacity to 200 KLPD


Expanded Rajpura sugar crushing capacity to 8500 TCD. Cogeneration plant at Rajpura (48 MW)


Commissioned spent wash fire boilers.




Commissioned an incinerator slop boiler with 11.5 MW turbine (zero liquid discharge compliant distilleries)


Embarked on the production of country liquor and hand sanitizers


Enhanced Distillery capacity to 350 KLPD at Dhampur Unit. Moreover, a 100 KLPD Grain based distillery commissioned as an option.